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March 7, 2016 1 Comment

I just love it when a plan comes together! Michelle will NEVER forget how Edward proposed and this proposal will make every girl jealous!

When Edward contacted me about his plans to propose to Michelle I jumped for joy! I am a total sucker for love stories and soppy romantic movies so having boy propose to girl right in front of my lens is magic food for my soul!

Edward had it all planned, the picnic, beautiful quiet scenery and of course the love of his life! They had planned to do a couple shoot previously, but as life happens, they had to cancel. So Edward came up with the sneakiest proposal yet! He told Michelle ON THE DAY OF THE “COUPLE SHOOT” of the shoot and that he booked a picnic at Lethabo Estate for them to share after the shoot.

Excited little Michelle was in for a BIG surprise!

Edward and I had our que as to when THE BIG MOMENT will happen and the scenery was perfect with big willow trees looking out on the river. Mid way through the shoot the moment arrived, Edward was down on his knee and out POPPED the shiniest engagement ring as Michelle bursted into tears. Now that is what I call a magic moment!

Of course she said YES! I mean this romantic story has everything from them being High School Sweethearts to Edward being one of those guys that just have to say “I’m a pilot” and girl’s knees go weak!

Long story short, Michelle had the biggest smile ever during the rest of the “couple shoot” that turned into a surprise engagement shoot. And what better way to remember such a big moment in your life as having it photographed.

So well done Edward on sweeping Michelle of her feet and putting a ring on such a gorgeous girl!

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  • Nicoline January 25, 2018 at 7:08 am

    Sjoe mooi venue,oulike paartjie, pragtige fotos en sy was verseker verras!!

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