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July 1, 2015 1 Comment

Today is my hubby’s birthday and each year I try to put some thought into the gift I get him. One year he didn’t want any gifts, just money. Naturally, I bought LOTS of clear vending machine balls, collected everyone’s money, cashed it out in tens and a few twenties and placed money in each ball. Then I made a vending machine thing-a-mag-jig and David spend the whole night getting the balls and money out.

So this year.. I jumped the gun and decided that David will not be choosing what he wants for his birthday, but instead I will decide.. Like normal people do for someone’s birthday..

David LOVES planes! He can tell you what aeroplane is flying overhead by just sitting in the living room! After googling, browsing and wondering what perfect wives get their husbands, I stumbled upon an introduction to flying lesson where you get to be a pilot for 40 minutes flying a Cessna at Lanseria Flight Centre! Perfect wife! Very happy husband!

The morning of the lesson we had a coffee at the Harvard Cafe, I loved their aircraft theme with plane models hanging from the ceiling and a propeller against the wall, perfectly setting the mood for the lesson ahead!

Time for flying! First off the instructor showed us how to check for any faults and to make sure there were no water or other fluids in the gas tank by extracting a bit and making sure it doesn’t have a bluish colour.

Then the time came for me to go and for David to start flying in that really small aircraft! I wasn’t nervous at ALL!! I just potentially gave my husband a gift that could kill him!!! NOT nervous at all!! Very happy and relieved when he landed!

This really was a special day and such a great gift if you have an aircraft enthusiast.

Happy Happy Birthday!

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  • Nicoline July 2, 2015 at 9:23 am

    David my Kind jy is jou Ma se mooiste seun!!
    Baie oulike en mooi kiekies!!!
    Hy het dit geluv…..

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