So you’ve decided to do a photo shoot and the first thing that pops into you’re head is “What should I wear?”. This is a question I get asked, a lot, so I decided to write a blog post on it.

Normally before a shoot there will be a lot of mails going to and fro, where I will help you decide on a ‘look’, location or even things to do, like a theme. So even though I wrote this post, I will be guiding you through it with your own shoot as well. These are just guidelines to help you on your quest and nothing is carved in stone, its just a few pointers I’ve found works.

Tip #1:     Get inspiration

Google and magazines are your friend. Obviously you are unique and so should your shoot be, but often I’ve found you’ve got this idea/image in your head, but just can’t piece it together. Other times you just don’t know where to start or what to do, so browsing through a magazine will get those ideas popping or even trigger other ideas you forgot you had.

Tip #2:     Closet vs Shopping

I know its always tempting to blow all of your money on new outfits, but more often than not, you will have something that will work in your own closet, you just forgot about it! So start there.. Jump right into your closet (ok, not literally) and try to remember how gorgeous you looked in that cute skirt or how buff that shirt makes you look, then if needed, you can buy whatever you feel is necessary to complete your outfit. But if you have gone through your whole closet, TWICE and swamped what once was known as your bed underneath a heap of clothes that ‘JUST DON’T WORK’, then and only then, I have one word for you.. SHOPPING..!!

Tip #3:     Don’t match!

May I repeat this one.. PLEASE, don’t match, even if this is a solo shoot, don’t even match the couch..! As I have previously mentioned, you are unique, so lets keep it that way! I know you just started your relationship and are truly, madly, deeply in ? or you like the idea of unity in your family, but I promise one day, you WILL thank me.. With that said, for family shoots or even couple shoots, speak to each other. Decide on a theme like natural colours or everyone wears their favourite rock star shirt, try to ‘fit together’ in harmony without ‘matching’.

Tip #4:     Layer

I don’t know why, but it just works great, especially if you start mixing different textures, patterns and accessories together. Try a few things and find something that works for you, maybe a tank top over a shirt, a woolie hat, few bracelets and a fun bold ring, you won’t believe the depth it adds to your photo. You don’t have to go over the top, just adding a little something here and there works magic!

Tip #5:     Different options

You don’t want all your photos to ‘look the same’, so bring a few outfits, maybe even try out different ‘looks’. Do an up style with your cocktail dress or suit and then round it off with a more casual style, like a denim and shirt. If you don’t want to go that extreme or even ‘change’ clothes, then even little changes helps a lot, like putting on a jacket and tying up your hair or adding some shades.

Tip #6: Bring yourself

This is where you get to add YOUR special something to your shoot and it should be an easy one. Just think about what you ? to do as an individual, a couple or family and incorporate that. If you are sporty and ? tennis, then show up in your tennis clothes and racket. If you really ? your ice cream, then we have a date at your favourite ice cream parlor. If your thing is singing in the shower, hey, it’s going to be tricky, but I’ll figure it out. What I’m trying to say is, be true to yourself, if you don’t know what makes you, you, ask your friends, but I want you to bring me YOU to the shoot.

Hope these tips helped, even if just to get you started. Oh, I almost forgot the most important tip..

Tip #7:  Bring your smile..

Enjoy your shoot and I know its hard, but relax! Photographers don’t bite, not that I know of..

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  1. KaRi says:

    Love this, very good article indeed!

  2. Bryan says:

    like you say this is a constant question and i think you have answered it well, great post.

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