Marlie & Juan | Family Farm

March 15, 2015 No Comments

I had so much fun with Marlie & Juan’s engagement shoot on their farm as they just opened up with who they are and what they enjoy most. These photos are a reflection of them, they love the outdoors, fishing and being hands on on the farm. Outside of their professional lives, this is what they enjoy most, spending time with each other, outdoors.

The most beautiful photos I have taken of couples and people, are not the ones with the elaborate set-ups or themes, but I have learned, my favorites are the ones where you bring yourself and what you love to do. Where you are real in front of the lens, this is also when you are the most comfortable in front of the lens. So I encourage this, bring yourself and do what you enjoy most doing, if it is reading, then let’s capture just that, everything else will just fall in place.

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