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They are the happiest couple I’ve ever met, always laughing and enjoying every second of their lives, shared and apart. The way these two look at each other makes you get lost in love and believe that happy endings truly exists.

Alyssa and Mornè had their fairy tale wedding at Monate Game Lodge, tying their knot under a spectacular big tree and having their reception under the stars in their own magical setting surrounded by fairy lights. They’ve also had the the most unusual guests I’ve ever came across. Yes, they had the best guests at their wedding, with dance moves to make your jaw drop and the best shared stories of these two that brought tears to my eyes not just once, but a few times. But the most unusual guests I have ever seen at a couples wedding award goes to…

..The giraffes and the lions!

Now, who can say they had giraffes and lions at their wedding to witness their love story!?

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