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There was one thing that Alissa and Thomas wanted for their wedding, to get married as the sun rises. I mean, do you know how early you have to be awake to make this happen? Hair, make-up, getting dressed, be awake, wait at the altar, all this before the sun comes up.. Blink-blink!

They did. I did. All of their guests, did. And it was the most magical sunrise I have ever experienced, looking over Hartbeesdam on the hill at Benlize Lodge.

Ok, so I admit, I had around 3 Red Bulls, before the ceremony. Everybody had at least 3 before the sun came up. How else? Of course with Thomas being an ambassador for Red Bull, this was a no brainer to have at such an unexpected wedding.

There were a lot of unexpected firsts for me at their wedding.. Pap and kaiings. Bridal couple taking a dive on a couple of swans in a swimming pool. Dance moves better than in movies like Footloose or Flashdance. Having wedding-swimming wear made. Finishing a wedding by 12:00 (mid-day) and being home and unpacked at 15:00. A lot of firsts at one wedding and we loved it all!! Ok, maybe not the waking up so early part as I am not a morning person, but I will do it ALL over again and I am sure, they most definitely will as well!

Venue | Benlize Lodge
Bridal couple photos taken at | Green Leaves Country Lodge

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